DIY Microwaveable Hot/cold Packs

For years, I’ve been buying those microwaveable hot packs filled with wheat. The heat doesn’t last as long as a hot water bottle, but they’re quicker to heat up. Over the years, I’ve burnt a few, too. Leave it in the Microwave for a few seconds too long and it starts smelling of burnt cereal, and then every time you re-heat it the smell won’t go as the seeds are burnt. So, as I’m very likely to over-heat them again, I thought I’d try and make my own as it works out much cheaper. It was surprisingly easy.

I used rice for mine, but you can use wheat or a number of other cereals.

This is what you’ll need Continue reading

DIY Mittens Out Of An Old Scarf

I’ve been waiting to have a go at this idea I saw on A Beautiful Mess for a while but, unfortunately, I first found it a couple of weeks after getting rid of lots of old clothes and I didn’t have a woollen jumper I could cut up. In the end, I remembered I had Continue reading

DIY Book Page Wallpaper

This is a combination of the result of my rubbish plastering skills and not finding the right wallpaper in the shops. I had seen walls papered with maps and comics in a couple of places, and was wondering if you could do the same with book pages. I found this page on the Internet and thought I’d try the same but, instead of laying the pages straight, I’d just stick them in all directions. While the result is good, this is a bit of a pain as it takes much longer (there is always a tiny bit of visible wall and you need to add another page). But it also has its advantages Continue reading