Confetti candle holders

Inspired by a few craft websites I decided to have a go at this. I wasn’t sure whether to paint them on the inside or the outside, but I thought if they were to be used as candle holders it might be safer to do it on the outside in case the heat melted the paint. This way, they can also be used to drink out of.

Confetti candle holders

Materials needed:

– clear tumblers (these only cost £1 each)

– acrylic paint

– small paintbrush or cotton buds

– clear sealer spray

I started using a small paintbrush but then decided to try to do it with a cotton bud. You have to dip it in paint more often, but the result looks quite good.

All you need to do is start with a colour and, once you’ve covered the base of the tumbler in spots, wait until it dries out and move onto the next colour. When you’re happy with the results, leave overnight to dry and then seal it with the spray, as otherwise it’ll probably come off as soon as you wash it (I used water-based acrylic paints). It might be worth giving them a few coats of sealer to make them more durable. I use mine as candle holders and the spots haven’t rubbed off yet, but if you use them as drinking glasses they’ll probably wear off quicker, so give them a gentle wash after use with a soft sponge instead of a scourer.

Confetti candle holders


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