DIY Mittens Out Of An Old Scarf

I’ve been waiting to have a go at this idea I saw on A Beautiful Mess for a while but, unfortunately, I first found it a couple of weeks after getting rid of lots of old clothes and I didn’t have a woollen jumper I could cut up. In the end, I remembered I had an old stripy scarf that I’d accidentally shrunk (like pretty much every other woollen item I’ve ever owned and forgot to separate when doing my washing) and looks a bit weird, so I used that instead.

As you’ll see on their blog, they are dead easy to make. You just cut two mitten shaped pieces (slightly bigger than you’d have to leave room for the seams) and then sew them up together on the reverse. Mine are missing the cuff as I didn’t use a jumper but, on the upside, the shrunk fabric is double the thickness it originally was, so they’re really warm!

old scarf
DIY mittens


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