Blackboard mugs

DIY blackboard mug

A couple of years ago I bought a blackboard mug on the Internet for a friend and thought it’d be fairly easy to make, and much cheaper (they cost around £7 in a shop and this would cost you a couple of quid tops). I’d bought some blackboard spray-paint to use on some frames and gave this a go. The result was good, but spray-painting makes a bit of a mess, and if you live somewhere rainy you’ll probably have to wait a while to be able to do it (I’ve learnt by trial and error that doing it indoors is not a good idea!), so the paint and brush version is far less messy. Having said that, the finish looks much smoother.

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Vinyl record bowls

A while ago I saw some salad bowls and book ends in a shop made out of vinyl records. I thought it’d be a good idea to have a go at making them myself, and after a quick Google search I found hundreds of websites telling you how to do it. After having a look at some, I could see that there are two main methods: melting in the oven or submerging in boiling water. I wonder if you could do it in the microwave (I try to use it for EVERYTHING), but I think I’ll stick to the tried and tested options until I’ve done some more research.

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Confetti candle holders

Inspired by a few craft websites I decided to have a go at this. I wasn’t sure whether to paint them on the inside or the outside, but I thought if they were to be used as candle holders it might be safer to do it on the outside in case the heat melted the paint. This way, they can also be used to drink out of.

Confetti candle holders

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