Melted Crayon Canvas

I saw this idea on the Internet the other day and it looked easy enough, so I tried it out today. I got a small square canvas, a box of Crayons, and my hair-dryer:

Materials needed

First, you need to stick the crayons to the canvas. I first used Super-glue, but it was taking ages to dry off and didn’t feel like the crayons were properly fastened, so I tried to do it with a hot glue gun instead and the result was much better.

Sticking the crayons onto the canvas

Then all you do is turn the hair-dryer on and point it at the crayons until they start melting.

Blow-drying crayons

This might be a bit tricky depending on your hair-dryer. Mine was a bit too powerful, but if I used the lower setting it wasn’t enough, so it went a bit all over the place, but I think the result is meant to look messy, so it didn’t matter that much. Make sure you cover all surfaces around you with old newspapers or similar as, especially if your hair dryer is quite powerful, you’ll splash everywhere. If you’re not sure of any of the steps, have a look on YouTube – I found lots of videos showing how to do it.

Melted crayons

Just let them drip down the canvas until you’re happy with the result, then let it dry off, and you’re done.

<Melted crayon canvas

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