My cat’s friends

The neighbours a few houses down the road have a black and white cat that must be around the same age as Elliott. She’s been let out since she was pretty much a kitten, and before I let Elliott out in the backyard, she came to visit one day (with a “bodyguard”).

Cat visit

Then, once she knew there was a cat in my house, she’d regularly come looking for him. One day, when he was in the upstairs back room, she came up the shed roof to “say hello”.

Kittens on window ledge

After a few months, I realised I had to let Elliott out. As worried as I am one day he might run away, it got to a point where he really wanted to go out and looked dead unhappy locked in the house all day. Weirdly enough, it’s been over 6 months now and he hasn’t escaped from the backyard. He could easily jump over the walls if he wanted to, as I’ve seen many of the neighbours’ cats do it, but I’m not sure if he can’t work out he can, or is too scared to. Anyway, I’m not complaining!

A few months ago, the black and white cat started jumping into my backyard when she came round to have a nose. Then, one day, when the back door was open, she came in. Initially, she would hiss at Elliott when he approached her and started sniffing her, and he’d run off, terrified. My cat is one of those that is scared of everything and everyone, although he’s got much better now and when people come round he won’t hide under the couch until they leave any more.

After a while, she worked out how to come in through the cat flap, and would just come in, try to eat Elliott’s food, and then chase him round the house for a bit.

Elliott hiding from the neighbours' cat

At first, it was always her doing the chasing and Elliott seemed a bit scared, but now they’ve got used to each other and they both chase each other and play for hours.

After sprinting for a while they’ll have a little rest.

I wanted to get another kitten as mine is one of those cats that would rather have a friend to play with than be the king of the house, but I can’t really afford to pay double the vet bills, insurance, etc., so this is perfect!

Cat (play) fight

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