Compact DSLR Camera Bag

I got a compact DSLR camera for Christmas and, being as clumsy as I am, I thought the first thing I had to do was buy a padded bag for it. As it is a small model, the usual DSLR bags are way too big for it, and there were only a couple that fit it and they were not only expensive but quite ugly as well, so I thought it might be easy enough to make one. Continue reading

“Videos for Cats”

My friend Rob sent me a link to a YouTube playlist of videos made for cats. They’re basically fish tanks, birds, and other things cats might enjoy staring at. The first test was unsuccessful and my cat didn’t even look at the screen, but when I managed to get him to stare at it for a few seconds, he got dead into following the bright-coloured fish and trying to chase them.

Elliott chasing fish

He didn’t last too long though, and shortly after he was inspecting the back of the PC monitor to see where those fish were hiding.

Cat looking for fish.

How to Paint MDF Kitchen Worktops


My kitchen worktops are horrible and, for a long time, I’ve wanted to do something to them but wasn’t sure what. Changing the whole thing is quite expensive, so I thought I could have a go at some DIY solution in the meantime. Continue reading