DIY Terrariums

DIY Terrariums

This is not particularly innovative, as all it consists of is putting some plants in different containers with compost, pebbles, sand and/or moss, but here are a few of the ones I’ve made. For the first one, I used a big glass jar, although I put the layers down in the wrong order (as the sand and gravel should go at the very bottom to absorb excess water). The jar has got an airtight lid, but the plant is too tall and I don’t want to risk killing it, so I always leave it open.

Glass jar terrarium

I also had a go at using a small fish bowl.

Supplies needed

This time I did it properly. First, I added a layer of gravel (I bought some aquarium gravel).

Gravel at the bottom

Then I added some compost, put in the plant, and topped it with a layer of moss (that I’d picked up at the park) and more gravel. The cat supervised my job and gave his approval.

Finished. Cat checking it.

It couldn’t be any easier!

Fish bowl terrarium


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