Compact DSLR Camera Bag

I got a compact DSLR camera for Christmas and, being as clumsy as I am, I thought the first thing I had to do was buy a padded bag for it. As it is a small model, the usual DSLR bags are way too big for it, and there were only a couple that fit it and they were not only expensive but quite ugly as well, so I thought it might be easy enough to make one.

As much as I hate preparation, I knew I had to measure the camera properly and work out the bag dimensions before I jumped straight into making it. I decided to make a rectgangular padded pouch with a small partition inside to fit both the camera and the flash/chargers.

I bought thick cotton fabric and, for the padding, I used cushion filling (although I have recently purchased some upholstery foam which might be more suitable).


First, I cut out the different pieces of fabric which would make up the bag and saw some edges together. I made the base and sides in one piece with views on filling up the base and sewing the corners before I padded the sides. Then I made the front and back and sewed the bottom into the base. Bear in mind that, to avoid having exposed seams, you’ll have to turn it inside out when finished.

At this point, if you want any internal dividers, you can attach them to the inside (outside for now as it’s still inside out). I attached it only to one of the sides so that I could use it to store other things.

Once the base was filled with the padding and the corners sewn, I sewed the side edges to the back and front edges (making it into an inside-out basket shape). Once I had this, I filled all 4 sides with cushion filling and sewed the edge to keep it in place.

At this point, the pouch was ready and I only needed to finish the top (the basket “lid”, if you will) and attach the zip to close it.

Before you turning it inside-out, I stitched the edge of the bag top to one of the long sides, filled it with padding, and sewed the outer edge to prevent the filling from sticking out whilst sewing the zip.

Once this is all ready, it can then be turned inside out (leaving all the seams inside the bag) and attach the zip. For this, bear in mind that you don’t want all the seams exposed so, again, you’ll have to sew it and then turn it over.

I pre-sewed the zip with cotton thread to make sewing it with the sewing machine easier (as the sides are quite thick and it can be quite hard to keep it in place).

Then you can decorate it if you want to. I just added a bow at the top.

If you want it to have a strap, I’d recommend sewing it onto the side fabric before you assemble it (although you can also do it by hand once it’s finished).

This can be improved, but at least from this I’ve learnt what I should and shouldn’t do. I might have a go at making it with the upholstery foam and adding a strap to use it as a bag rather than a pouch.


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