Sitting off in the cat carrier

Cat having a rest in cat carrier

Here’s my cat sitting off in the cat carrier. I left it out so that he gets used to it and isn’t terrified of it when I try to get him inside next time we visit the vets. I think he doesn’t hate it yet because he’s only been to the vets in it once. Give it a couple more trips and he’ll avoid going in the same room it’s in.


2 thoughts on “Sitting off in the cat carrier

  1. I’m trying to do the same thing with my cat Abby! It’s pretty difficult, and takes a lot of patience and persistence… Good luck! x (catnip helps)

    • To be honest, I think he likes it now because he’s only gone to the vet in it once and must have forgotten. If he sees the old cat carrier in a room he’ll run a mile. I remember spraying it with Feliway, catnip, putting cat biscuits inside… nothing worked! So I reckon this will last until we next go to the vets… he’s not easily fooled! 😉

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