DIY animal magnets

DIY dinosaur magnets

I’m sure most of you must have seen this all over the Internet already; they’re just magnets made with little cheap plastic toy animals and spray-painted.

I had some dinosaurs knocking about (not real ones, sadly!) that looked quite cheap and rubbish, so I thought they’d do for this project.

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Making soya yoghurt

DIY soya yoghurt

Who would’ve thought making yoghurt could be so complicated. Well, maybe not so much complicated as tricky. Half a degree too hot and you’ve messed it up. I tried a few of the techniques suggested by the Internet, including using a slow cooker, but I think keeping a steady temperature of 43 degrees over 8-12 hours is harder than you’d think when you don’t live in a warm country. Continue reading

Lentil and bean sprouts

Lentil sprouts

This isn’t a crafts or DIY post, but it isn’t a recipe either. It’s just about how to make your own bean sprouts out of dried pulses. Nothing too clever, but quite useful to know. They’re really nice in salads and don’t have that funny taste shop-bought soya beansprouts sometimes have. Continue reading