DIY animal magnets

DIY dinosaur magnets

I’m sure most of you must have seen this all over the Internet already; they’re just magnets made with little cheap plastic toy animals and spray-painted.

I had some dinosaurs knocking about (not real ones, sadly!) that looked quite cheap and rubbish, so I thought they’d do for this project.

You need:
– Plastic toys (not necessarily animals, but they’re good because you can use both halves)
– Small magnets
– Silicone to fill them (this could also be done with polystyrene, cork, or pretty much anything else)
– Glue
– Spray paint (optional)
– Sharp kitchen scissors or knife

DIY dinosaur magnets

First, cut the animal in half with a pair of scissors – most of these cheap plastic animals are hollow inside, so it should be easy enough. If they’re solid, best use a small saw or sharp knife.

DIY dinosaur magnets

If your animal is hollow, you’ll have to fill it before attaching the magnet. One of the tutorials I’d seen on the Internet suggested using a plastic bottle cap. My dinosaur was tiny and it wouldn’t have fitted, so I had to think of something else. This might not be the best idea, but I had some silicone sealant handy and I thought that’d do. I filled both halves and let them dry overnight. They seemed ok and the sealant isn’t too heavy. Another idea might be filling it with a chunk of polystyrene or cork, which might be even lighter.

DIY dinosaur magnets

Then, you just need to stick a small magnet with Superglue, let it dry, and it’s ready.

DIY dinosaur magnets

Mine looked particularly cheap, so I ended up spray painting them.

DIY dinosaur magnets

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