DIY Oat and Olive Oil Soap

DIY oat and olive oil soap

This isn’t a recipe to make soap from scratch. It uses some plain soap and adds more ingredients to it (I didn’t want to risk making something that leaves you more greasy than before you got in the shower). Oats are supposed to be quite good for your skin, and so is olive oil. Both are good for sensitive skin, so we’re not adding anything too harsh either.

You will need:
– A bar of soap
– Rolled oats
– Olive oil
– Essential oil (optional)

DIY oat and olive oil soap

Grate the soap using a cheese grater and place it in a pan. Grind the oats to a fine powder using a coffee grinder. I think you might be able to use a blender for this, but I’m not sure how fine the oat powder would turn out. If you want it to be more exfoliating, don’t grind the oats as fine.

Put the pan with the grated soap on the hob and add some olive oil. Mix and then add the ground oats and keep stirring until it’s all well mixed into a thick paste. If you want to add essential oil, now is the time.

Remove the pan from the hob and pour the mixture into a mould. I used silicone ice-cube trays and made little soaps. A silicone mould is your best bet as it’ll be easier to remove without it getting stuck. You could also use silicone cupcake moulds, or a cake mould and then chop the soap into smaller chunks.

Wait for the mixture to solidify. Leave it at least 8-10 hours, but ideally 24 hours to make sure it’s completely dry and solid. Pop the soap out of the mould and it’s ready to use!

DIY oat and olive oil soap


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