3D Framed Display

3d frame display

I was looking for shadow boxes on the Internet the other day and ended up putting it off until I found a place where I didn’t have to spend a fortune for a tiny one. Then I was in Wilkinsons the other day (I’m a cheapskate, I know) and found this deep wooden frame for £3 so I thought I’d try to use it for my project instead. I printed out a picture of the beach from when I went to see my mum and dad, attached it to the back of the frame (inside), and then filled the empty space between it and the glass with some sand, stones and seashells I’d collected from said beach. It might not be as tight as a shadowbox, but unless you’re going to dance with it on your hand, it should do the job if it’s just hung on a wall not being moved much (I added some cling film between the back of the picture and the back of the frame to tighten the seal and make sure the sand doesn’t come out, and it seemed to do the job). This is just an idea, but you could do this with dried flowers, a picture of a city you went to and some little objects you got there, etc.


6 thoughts on “3D Framed Display

  1. ^ – ^ Hola Laura !

    I stop to let you know that I have nominated you for “THE VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD” since I really enjoy this “world of cats and DIY” .

    (at the bottom of the award post)

    Drop by for a small tea party and grab the prize,plz bring little “pink nose”,too, Meat Bun will be very happy to have such a cute friend ! Sweet day ^ – ^

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