DIY Cat Shoes

DIY cat shoes

You’ll have to excuse the terrible quality of the pictures: I took them on my rubbish phone and it was dark as well. I had a go at turning some old fake-leather pumps into cat shoes and it seemed easy enough. Initially, I started by using white leather paint (it says it works with fake leather as well), but it was taking ages and after 3 coats it was nowhere near ready, so I ended up giving it a couple of coats of oil-based gloss paint and that seemed to work. I just taped off the toe section to do the face shape, and then taped triangles for the ears. As for the actual face, I didn’t have a thin brush so I ended up using marker pen, but you should probably use a brush and paint instead (again, do as I say not as I do… can you see a pattern here?)

I finished them off by spraying them with clear lacquer so that they won’t rub off.

DIY cat shoes

DIY cat shoes

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