Cat in a Bag

Cat in a bag


5 thoughts on “Cat in a Bag

    • They do, no matter what size either. If they decide they’ll get in a box, it doesn’t matter if the box is less than half the size of the cat, they’ll still squeeze in.

  1. My cats do that too. I always make sure the bag handles are inside as, it seems to me, they are less like to stick their heads through them and then run around in a panic busting the house up. That only happened once and it was enough!

    • I know exactly what you mean. Elliott got stuck in the handles once and started to sprint around the room freaking out, thinking the bag was chasing him. Luckily it was a paper bag, but now I always make sure I cut the handles off if I leave the bag out. I’ve never seen a cat run so fast!

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