DIY Radiator Cat Bed Cover

DIY cat bed cover
(yes, believe it or not, that’s a cat on the picture, not a squirrel)

I’m sure I’m not the only one who got one of those radiator cat beds and the cat has destroyed the fabric. My cat is particularly keen on “kneading” the bed before he sleeps on it, so one of the corners is so worn off the fabric has come apart. I needed a new cover, but didn’t want to buy a new bed just for that as the metal frame is still perfect, so I thought of making one with an old blanket.

All you need is a blanket you don’t mind cutting up and some sewing supplies (a sewing machine makes it quicker, but you can hand stitch it too).

Take the frame out of the fabric cover and cut up the blanket measuring it against the original cover.

DIY cat bed cover

Sew a hem on the side and bottom to make a long sack shape. If your blanket isn’t reversible, do this on the reverse as you’ll have to turn it inside out.

DIY cat bed cover

Then you just turn it inside out to hide the hems, and it’s ready to be put onto the frame.

DIY cat bed cover


DIY cat bed cover

4 thoughts on “DIY Radiator Cat Bed Cover

  1. I’ve never seen a radiator cat bed. Very cool gadget. My cats just sleep everywhere, the laundry hamper, the window sill, the top of the dryer, I’m certain they would LOVE that bed.

    • They sell them everywhere here – have a look online. Elliott won’t go anywhere near it in the summer, but it’s his favourite place in the winter in the heating is on. I think cats will happily sleep anywhere though!

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