Angry cat

This guy lives over the road but has started coming to visit a few times a week. He is friendly until he sees my cats. Then he starts hissing non-stop.

Black and white cat

Black and white cat


Every morning

Google auto-backup created a GIF out of a number of pictures I took, so here it is so you get an idea of what goes on in my room while I’m trying to sleep:
Cat playing on shelf

Fox brooch

Shrink plastic fox brooch

I only discovered shrink plastic fairly recently but you can do a lot with it. Plus, it’s very satisfying to watch it shrink (unless it goes wrong, that is). Here’s a quick run through making brooches with it.

You’ll need:

– Sheet of shrink plastic (Mine are clear translucent, but you can get them completely clear or solid colours)
– Marker pen
– Colouring pencils
– Brooch pin (or safety pin)
– Glue Continue reading