Upcycled Step Stool (IKEA hack)

A few years ago, for some stupid reason, when I bought the IKEA Bekvam step-stool I thought it'd be a good idea to get it in "black-brown". It looks way too dark. If, to that, you add 3-4 years of heavy use (I'm 5 ft 2 so I need it to reach pretty much every shelf and cupboard in the kitchen), it was looking a bit worse for wear. I was going to paint it but didn't want to lose the noce wood grain, so I came up with this.

You'll need:
- IKEA Bekvam step stool (old or new)
- mouse sander
- some paint (I used DIY chalkboard paint)
- wood varnish (I used extra tough floor wood varnish)

This DIY might be much easier if you buy a plain wood one and skip the sanding bit, but the sanded down black brown gives it a nice grey-ish shade.

First, I just sanded down the tops (you can do this all over if you prefer) with a mouse sander until I could see the wood grain and most of the black was gone.

Then I painted the legs and sides with my DIY chalkboard paint, but you can use any other type of paint. Even wall paint/emulsion should do if you make sure to varnish over it to protect it.

After that, I gave it a couple of coats of varnish over both the sides and the sanded down tops. As it's going to get a lot of use, I chose extra-tough matt-finish floor varnish.



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