Upcycled Step Stool (IKEA hack)

A few years ago, for some stupid reason, when I bought the IKEA Bekvam step-stool I thought it'd be a good idea to get it in "black-brown". It looks way too dark. If, to that, you add 3-4 years of heavy use (I'm 5 ft 2 so I need it to reach pretty much every shelf and cupboard in the kitchen), it was looking a bit worse for wear. I was going to paint it but didn't want to lose the noce wood grain, so I came up with this.

You'll need:
- IKEA Bekvam step stool (old or new)
- mouse sander
- some paint (I used DIY chalkboard paint)
- wood varnish (I used extra tough floor wood varnish)

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DIY Ombré Drawers

DIY ombre drawers

I’ve had this cheap chest of drawers for a while now and, after 3 moves and considering how rubbish it was in the first place, it’s in a state. It’s really cheap foil-covered MDF and it came with some chrome effect plastic handles that broke a few months in. I’ve been thinking of getting rid of it for a while, but I needed the drawer space, so I thought I’d have a go at painting it instead of buying a new one. Even if I didn’t do a great job, it couldn’t possibly look worse, so it was worth a try. This is what it looked like Continue reading

DIY animal magnets

DIY dinosaur magnets

I’m sure most of you must have seen this all over the Internet already; they’re just magnets made with little cheap plastic toy animals and spray-painted.

I had some dinosaurs knocking about (not real ones, sadly!) that looked quite cheap and rubbish, so I thought they’d do for this project.

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Old Tins into Tea, Coffee and Sugar Cannisters

This isn’t particularly innovative, but it’s an easy idea to make nice containers reusing food tins.

All you need is old tins (I used soup and plum tomato ones), spray paint in your choice of colour(s), and Continue reading

Vinyl record bowls

A while ago I saw some salad bowls and book ends in a shop made out of vinyl records. I thought it’d be a good idea to have a go at making them myself, and after a quick Google search I found hundreds of websites telling you how to do it. After having a look at some, I could see that there are two main methods: melting in the oven or submerging in boiling water. I wonder if you could do it in the microwave (I try to use it for EVERYTHING), but I think I’ll stick to the tried and tested options until I’ve done some more research.

First I had a go at the oven method. Continue reading