Tiny Clothes Hangers

Tiny clothes hangers

This is a pretty useless craft project, but by now you’ve probably realised I quite like useless things if they look nice. They could be used as dolls clothes hangers, or just for decoration. It only takes a couple of minutes to make them, which is quite good if you’re as impatient as I am. I haven’t come up with this myself, and I’m sure you’ve all seen a few pictures online too, but here is a brief explanation on how to do it anyway.

You’ll need paper clips (any size), cutting pliers, and needle-nose pliers (or any other tool you want to use to bend the wire with).

paper clip

You can do the first bit with your fingers. Just open up the paperclip from the edges as shown in the picture:

Tiny clothes hangers

Then insert the needle-nose pliers in the wire loop and bend it backwards to make the hanging hook:

Tiny clothes hangers

Keep bending until the shape resembles a clothes hanger:

Tiny clothes hangers

Then cut off the tip with the cutting pliers:

Tiny clothes hangers


Tiny clothes hangers


4 thoughts on “Tiny Clothes Hangers

  1. Haven’t seen this before so THANKS! I think I will use this idea for Christmas decorations…hang little teeny tiny outfits on them. OH, and I”m getting another ginger cat named Herbert from the rescue organization. He’s 9 yrs old, his owner had to give him up to go into care and he’s been there too too long. Herbert must have a home. Now, Mr. Jones is going to be PISSED! But two ginger boys? ooohhh, can’t wait.

    • Yes! That sounds amazing. Looking forward to seeing pictures of him! I haven’t been using these much, so I’ve got a lot to catch up on. I hope you’re ok 🙂

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