Hidden litter box – IKEA Hack

Cat litter tray hidden in cupboard

A while ago I saw some cool Ikea hacks to hide cat litter trays in various pieces of furniture. My kitchen is quite small and I had a litter box behind the door, so I thought if I could find a cupboard that was small enough to fit in that space, it’d be useful to have some extra storage space (when I say extra storage space I mean basically 1 little shelf and a small surface to put stuff on, but considering I’ve got about 2 square inches to cut vegetables and prepare food on the worktop, anything is an improvement).

In the Ikea Hackers website there are some really cool ones like this one or this one, and it looked easy enough, so I thought I’d measure up the space I had and find a cupboard with similar dimensions in the Ikea catalog. In the end, I went for a Faktum kitchen cupboard because they’re cheap, made of MDF (which means it’d be easy to cut a hole in), and they’ve got them in many different sizes. As this was going to go behind the door, it had to be not too deep so that I can still open the door, so I went for a wall cabinet. As I wanted to put stuff on top, I thought I’d get some legs to make it a bit higher (but not too high so that the cat didn’t struggle jumping every time he needs to do his business), so I got some legs as well (I used these in the Ikea catalog).

Kitchen cupboard with legs

I basically just assembled the cupboard and the door, added the legs, and then cut up a cat-flap sized hole on one of the sides using a jigsaw. I nearly chopped off a finger, too, but that’s not part of the tutorial. I then fitted the cat-flap and that’s about it, really. Make sure you don’t attach the cat flap too high as your cat will have to jump every time he needs to do his business! It’s not the most innovative idea, but it looks better than a litter box, and smells less as well.

Hidden cat litter tray

Hidden cat litter tray

2 thoughts on “Hidden litter box – IKEA Hack

  1. I like this idea I have been thinking of doing this for years. I have always been fortunate enough to have an inconspicuous place to keep the litter box, but I’d still like to find a better way to hide it. Now it is in the laundry room and it would be nice to have a little extra counter space in there. Your cat is so adorable! you have some great photos of him. What a cutie.

    • Thank you so much! I did it for that reason – my kitchen is tiny and I thought it’d kill two birds with one stone as I needed an extra surface to put stuff on. It’s also much less messy – I had one of those hooded litter boxes but there were still litter pellets all over the kitchen.

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